Ginormous Stone Circles I: Stonehenge Builders of Neolithic Britain – British History

Do you feel like schlepping 4- to 25-ton stones across open country and stickin’ ’em in the ground is a good way to spend your time? If so, get ready to find kindred spirits! Travel back with us to Neolithic Britain, where we explore the time and culture of the builders of Stonehenge.

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co-host   Andre Sólo

time / place   Neolithic Britain, 3100 BCE

dead idea   building big-ass stone circles like Stonehenge

Stonehenge 1877 Wikipedia

Youtube video: Wally Wallington moves Stonehenge-sized blocks using only Stone Age equipment:

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4 thoughts on “Ginormous Stone Circles I: Stonehenge Builders of Neolithic Britain – British History

  1. Not knowing much about Stonehenge, I found this episode entertaining as well as enlightening! I am enjoying the historical background and facts– am looking forward to part 2.

  2. Dear Brandon,

    Great info, I love that sort of thing. I didn’t do well in school with history because I had to work on the farm during fall harvest and then I would be lost for the rest of the school year. But now I absolutely love it.
    Thanks for posting it and keep up the fun/good work. You might also like info on the Coral Castle in Florida. That dude was moving large stones all alone without powered equipment.

    Ed Newberg

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