ANNOUNCEMENT: We have throttled back production to make time for the development of our upcoming new show The History of Sex. Meanwhile, we are planning occasional new releases of Dead Ideas, so stay subscribed!


We explore ideas and practices once believed to be true but no longer. Join us on a fun romp through the history of ideas that didn’t quite stand the test of time.


  • B. T. Newberg   lead host
  • Anna Bratton   co-host
  • Nick Moen   co-host
  • Andre Sólo   co-host / adventurer
  • Rachel Westhoff   music / graphic design
  • Adam McKithern  maps, guest co-host
  • Meagan Miller  guest co-host
  • Pete Miller  guest co-host
  • Ingrid Jans  guest co-host
  • Jon Carnes  guest co-host
  • Kelly Nussbaum  guest co-host
  • Tia Gorde  guest co-host
  • Nick Przybilla  guest co-host

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Selected Bios

B. T. Newberg holds a masters of education degree, and loves geeking out about history (and many other things) whenever he can. “Wow, this existed,” is pretty much his historian catch phrase. He is also a portrait artist, author, and editor. He has been involved in the Spiritual Naturalist Society and founded the community blog Humanistic Paganism. He runs roleplaying games with his friends weekly, and annoys his wife with historical trivia daily. Oh, and he’s a huge craft beer fan too.

Anna Bratton is a collection of bad ideas in an ill-fitting black T-shirt. She allegedly writes (Francis Sharp in the Grip of the Uncanny, Short Trips: How the Doctor Changed My Life, Chicks Unravel Time: Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who) but mostly just stares off blankly into space when not haranguing her lovely husband Nick Moen about how Alien3 is critically underrated.

Nick Moen is an aspiring layabout, who spends his days working on cheap violins and his nights, when able, sitting on his porch reading old books. He tends to prefer dead ideas to live ones, and is married to his lovely and talented fellow co-host Anna Bratton

Andre Sólo is an author and philosopher focused on the topics of adventure, psychology and introversion. His quirkier niche interests include the history of heroism, the 21st-century practice of ancient polytheism, and the border between religion and science. He is the co-founder of Highly Sensitive Refuge, where he writes about highly sensitive people; the COO of Introvert, Dear, where he writes about introverts; and the author of Lúnasa Days, a tale of magical realism set at the end of the age of American prosperity.