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Pencil drawings by B. T. Newberg, inked drawings by Anna Bratton.

Praise for Dead Ideas

“Alive with frivolity.” – The Lesser Bonapartes

“I love these glorious nerds, they talk about things that I can’t talk about with other people because nobody has any idea what I’m talking about. THANK YOU FOR EXISTING AND CASTING PODS.” – Grandpa Jenkins

“I love your podcast. After laughing at loud at your Dan Carlin impression, I was so overcome with admiration that I just had to write in. You and your friends are hilarious and you always deliver good information. It’s a podcast with a bite. Also, your intro/outro music is perfection. I feel like I’m walking into PeeWee’s Playhouse every time I start a new episode.” – Jacob.

“Funny podcast which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Also 10/10 for beer plugs” – Thomas Coll

“Deep within the closet old ideas are examined in the light of our 21st century’s politically correct world.” – Miss Jaynee

“You had me at ‘Bird Fetus'” – Gagnorcow

“A room full of weirdos talking about strange stuff. It’s like being in your own living room with your friends.” – Loomer555

“Makes one wonder if our beliefs that are deemed true will be under the spotlight in a few hundred years! Good hosts, good content and professional delivery, what more could you want!?” – Joe Bristoll

“I think its sometimes difficult to describe the ideas and modes of thinking of peoples in the past. This podcast does a great job!” – Ian Fekete

“The hosts have a good rapport with each other and it’s quite funny.” – Yamato146

“This is a fantastic idea for a podcast: look into ideas that are out of fashion/disproved and try to unpack *why* people believed them at one point.” – CheshireCatCO

“Really informative with solid research and impeccable delivery. A must listen!” – Big Duq6

“History with humor and beer lots of beer. Very enjoyable way to pass a few hours and maybe even learn something.” – Meechta

“Asking important questions, like… can you urinate while inhabiting a dead body?! Makes me wish I could join in on the fun.” – Tactius9

“Informal, funny, diverse, lots of outside references for context.” – 1Dead baby bird

“An awesome look into old science.” – CR2047

“They know their stuff and do their research.” – Tori Motloch

“I haven’t heard anything like it before and I’m excited to see where it goes.” – Thenightosphere

“Stay for the castrations!” – Birkelstein