Craft Beer

These breweries’ lawyers would like you to know they are not our sponsors!

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Every series we do a “fake sponsor” for a local microbrew – meaning we don’t get any money for it, we just plug it cuz we love beer.

We’re currently living through a golden age of craft beer microbrewing in America (hey, that’s history-related, right? – see, it all ties in!). We just want to support our local breweries however we can.

So, this podcast is not brought to you by:

Summit   St Paul, MN   Plugged on Reanimated Corpses I

Bad Weather   St Paul, MN   Plugged on Ginormous Stone Circles II

Flat Earth   St Paul, MN   Plugged on Miasma II

Lift Bridge  Stillwater, MN  Plugged on Anti-Witches II

Castle Danger  Two Harbors, MN  Plugged on PDT3K Miraculous Susan: A Thanksgiving Story

Barley John’s Brewpub  New Brighton, MN  Plugged on Hysteria II

Indeed Brewing Company  Minneapolis, MN  Plugged on A Haunted Christmas

Lake Monster Brewing  Minneapolis, MN  Plugged on Geis III

Anna and Nick’s Homebrew Chocolate Milk Stout  Minneapolis, MN  Plugged on Serfdom, III

Anna and Nick’s Homebew Sumerian Beer  Minneapolis, MN  Plugged on Cuneiform IV

Boom Island Brewing  Minneapolis, MN  Plugged on Mohism II

Insight Brewing  Minneapolis, MN  Plugged on Technocracy II

Dansk Mjød  Billund, Denmark (not local, but thematically appropriate!)  Plugged on Berserkers II