Craft Beer

These breweries’ lawyers would like you to know they are not our sponsors!

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Every series we do a “fake plug” for a local microbrew – meaning we don’t get any money for it, we just do it cuz we love beer.

We’re currently living through a golden age of craft beer microbrewing in America (hey, that’s history-related, right? – see, it all ties in!). We just want to support our local breweries however we can.

So, this podcast is not brought to you by:

Summit   St Paul, MN   Plugged on Reanimated Corpses, Pt 1

Bad Weather   St Paul, MN   Plugged on Ginormous Stone Circles, Pt 2

Flat Earth   St Paul, MN   Plugged on Miasma, Pt 2

Lift Bridge  Stillwater, MN  Plugged on Anti-Witches, Pt 2

Castle Danger  Two Harbors, MN  Plugged on PDT3K Miraculous Susan: A Thanksgiving Story

Barley John’s Brewpub  New Brighton, MN  Plugged on Hysteria, Pt 2

Indeed Brewing Company  Minneapolis, MN  Plugged on A Haunted Christmas

Lake Monster Brewing  Minneapolis, MN  Plugged on Geis, Pt 3