Not Us

The first people to publicly grab the name “Dead Ideas” was a Serbian hardcore band from Belgrade that broke up in 1996. So anyone who thinks we stole your name, you’re wrong: you stole theirs!

Anyway, here’s a list of people we’ve discovered with similar names who are not us. Check them out! (then come hang with us some more)

  • Dead Ideas – A Serbian hardcore/punk/thrash band from Belgrade from 1991-1996. As far as we can tell, these guys were the first to grab the name “Dead Ideas.” So, to any haters out there who claim we stole your name: nope, you stole theirs, so sit down and shut up already.
  • DEADidea ProductionsThe DEADidea specialise in documenting underground music and culture, we a currently producing documentary on Doom/ Sludge Metal. Here’s one of their productions:
  • DeadIdeas – A small vinyl only DIY punk rock label in Portland. All records are pressed in batches of 500 and are repressed as needed. Hey, DeadIdeas label, send us a video link so we can promote you here!
  • #deadideas – A Twitter hashtag for who the f*** knows what
  • Dead Ideas – A Tumblr page in Portuguese by Nathan Heik
  • Dead Idea Valhalla – an extinct podcast by Gary Butterfield, active 2010-2012
  • @DeadiDeA – A Twitter user from Italy (I think?)
  • @DEADidea_ – A Twitter user in Yorkshire showcasing musical talent